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frequently asked question on e-lobbyist system

1. How do I file a report electronically?
a. All filings are done on the e-Lobbyist system which can be found at the following link: Before filing a report on e-Lobbyist, the entity (both lobbyist and client) must enroll where provided. 

2. How does my business or organization enroll in e-Lobbyist?
a. The Principal Officer must select the “enroll” box on the home page of e-Lobbyist and fill in the required information.  As part of the enrollment, the Principal Officer must agree to a terms of use agreement and submit a “proof of corporate filing” showing the entity’s correct legal name.  One example of a proof of corporate filing is a print out from the NYS Department of State Corporation and Business Database which can be found by doing a search at the following link: You may email the proof of corporate filing to
b. Once the enrollment is submitted the Principal Officer will receive an email to create a password.

3. How long do I have to submit my proof of corporate filing?
a. An entity has 10 days to submit the proper documentation.  After the 10 day period the enrollment will expire and the Principal Officer will have to re-enroll.

4. What is a designee and how do I set up a designee for my e-Lobbyist account
a. A designee is a person that the Principal Officer appoints in the entity profile tab.  Once a designee is named, the designee will get an email to set up his/her own password.  The designee will have access to the entity’s e-Lobbyist account and will be able to enter the applicable information in the reports. Please note, however, only the Principal Officer can certify and complete all reports in e-Lobbyist; the designee will not be able to do so.
b. The designee will receive all emails that are sent to the Principal Officer including emails automatically generated from e-Lobbyist and announcements sent from the Lobbying Bureau. 
c. The Lobbying Bureau does not have access to the designee accounts and therefore cannot reset a password for a designee.  If the designee has a password issue, please reset the password by selecting the appropriate link (forgot your password or change your password) and follow the instructions.

5. My company’s Principal Officer left the company.  How do I change the name of the Principal Officer in e-Lobbyist?
a. All information listed in the entity profile must be kept up to date. Therefore, within 10 days after the Principal Officer no longer holds the position, the entity must designate a new Principal Officer. In order to change the Principal Officer, the new/current Principal Officer can request a change in writing to the Lobbying Bureau. Please complete the form which is available at the following link and email it to the helpdesk at

6. What is the “Employees” tab”?
a. The Employees tab is where your company will enter all its employees that it anticipates will be lobbying for the entity. An employee must be added to the Employees tab before the employee can be selected in any statements or reports. The Principal Officer and all lobbying support staff are also considered lobbyists and thus must be entered in the Employees tab. 

7. How do I add an employee to the Employees tab?
a. Select “Add Employee”.
b. Complete the information requested.
i. Spouse and domestic partner information is required by law, but it is confidential and only used by campaign finance.
ii. Unemancipated children must be listed only if donations to candidates for political office are made in the child’s name. 
c. Do not enter an end date for the employee.  If you wish to deactivate the employee at a later date, you will add the end date. See Question 8 below.
d. Select “Save”. 
e. Once you are back at the home screen of the page you must select “Certify” to complete the process.
f. You may “Certify” all of the entered employees at the same time.

8. How do I delete an employee from the Employees tab?
a. Once an employee is added to the Employees tab, the employee may not be deleted from the system.  If the employee will no longer be a part of the lobbying effort for the entity then enter the applicable end date in the field provided.
b. The employee will continue to appear on the list of employees in the Employees tab and on previous registrations and reports; however, the employee's name will be grayed out and thus will not be available for selection and will not appear on any future reports.
c. A deactivated employee may be reactivated at any time by adding another period where provided and entering another start date.

9. I am unable to select an employee for our company’s statement of registration because the name is grayed out. What does this mean?
a. An employee cannot be selected when the employee’s name is grayed out. The name is grayed out when the start and end dates are not within the dates of the filing. 
b. In order to be able to select the employee, please select the Employees tab, select the relevant employee and add a period of representation at the bottom of the screen. Enter the applicable start date (to add to the registration the period must be a date before or during that registration year) and leave the end date blank. 

10. What does “Filed” status mean on the statement of registration? When will the statement of registration be in a “Complete” status?
a. Once the registration is certified it will have a “Filed” status. Filed status means that the retainer and/or authorization letter has not been submitted (either (a) uploaded by the filer or (b) received by the Lobbying Bureau) and/or the registration fee has not been processed by the Lobbying Bureau.
b. The registration will be in “Complete” status once both items listed above are processed. When the statement is complete, the Principal Officer and designee will receive emails concerning the updated status.

11. Does a statement of registration in “Filed” status prevent me from filing periodic reports?
a. No. Once the statement of registration is certified and therefore filed, periodic reports can be filed immediately.

12. I made a mistake on my statement of registration and I would like to amend it. How do I amend the statement of registration?
a. A statement of registration in “Filed” status cannot be amended. Only statements of registration that are complete (when both the retainer and/or authorization letter and the registration fee has been processed) can be amended. So if applicable please wait until the statement is in “Complete” status and then you will be able to file an amended statement of registration.   

13. Why is my amended statement of registration in “Draft” status?
a. Each time you enter into a report, a draft is created. If you select cancel and/or exit when completing the report, that report will be listed as a draft (or draft amendment). Likewise if the Principal Officer did not certify the report it will remain in draft status until the principal officer certifies the report. 
b. In order to correct the status of the report you must have the Principal Officer certify the report or you must delete the draft.

14. What are the consequences of having a report in “Draft" status?
a. Draft reports are NOT deemed filed reports for the purpose of determining timeliness. A report that is in draft status after a filing deadline will be considered late.

15. Where do I file the periodic reports?
a. Within each client select “View Details.”  All applicable periods that fall within the start and end dates on your statement of registration will appear.  For the periodic reports that can be filed, the “File Report” box will be orange.   
b. A periodic report can be filed (certified) 2 weeks prior to the filing deadline. 
i. Future periodic reports within the start and end dates on the statement of registration whose file report box is not orange cannot yet be filed.
ii. Prior periodic reports whose file report box is not orange include periods that do not fall within the start and end dates on the statement of registration and therefore cannot be filed.  If you believe these reports are required, please see the start and end dates on the statement of registration and amend accordingly, if applicable.
iii. Filing a termination notice will prevent a periodic report from being filed with the exception of the P6 report.

16. I am filing my periodic report and the employee I would like to select as lobbying during this period is not listed as an option.
a. All employees selected from the employees tab in the statement of registration will appear on the report. If the employee is not listed, you must save the periodic report as a draft and file an amended statement of registration to include the employee on the statement of registration. Once the employee is added to the statement of registration and the amended registration is certified, re-enter the draft periodic report and now the employee should appear. If the employee is grayed out, the start and end dates for that employee listed in the employees tab are not within the applicable filing period. As a result, in this case you must amend the employee’s start and end dates in the employees tab.
b. If the employee does not appear in the statement of registration it is likely that the employee was not entered into and/certified in the Employees tab. Please enter the employee information in the Employees tab and certify the employee. Once the employee is certified you will be able to file an amended statement of registration and select the employee. Once the amended statement of registration is certified, you may return to the periodic report in saved draft status and select such employee for the registration year. See Question 9b.
c. If the filer is a lobbyist/client filer and a lobbying employee is being added to the statement of registration, before certifying the amended statement of registration, please indicate there is a change in the retainer/authorization letter and upload an authorization letter for the newly added employee together with all authorizations letters that are in effect during the calendar year.   

17. How many activities and targets does e-Lobbyist allow me to enter in my statement of registration and periodic reports?
a. You can add up to 20 activities per report and up to 20 targets per activity.  More targets per activity can be added by selecting a new activity using the same subject category and same subject details.

18. I am entering the compensation as $4,000 and when I select CONTINUE I am getting an error message.  What am I doing wrong?
a. When entering the compensation for any relevant field in e-Lobbyist do not enter the "$" symbol or a comma.  If entering cents, a decimal point can be used.   

19. Where do I file a Termination Notice?
a. First select view details then select the “file report” box on the Termination Report line on the bottom of the screen. 

20. I am trying to file a Termination Notice, but the file report box is not orange and I cannot select the box to file the report.
a. The end date in the statement of registration must have passed in order to file a termination.  Please file an amended statement of registration and change the end date to the applicable termination date. Once the date is changed you will be able to file the termination.
b. Once the termination is filed, the client will receive an automatically generated email from e-Lobbyist stating that the registration was terminated and reminding the client that they are required to file a termination.

21. Can a Termination Notice be deleted?
a. Yes. If representation commences at another time during the applicable registration year, you may delete the termination and amend the end date on the statement of registration to the new end date.  When uploading the new retainer agreement to the amended statement of registration also include the original retainer (all retainers that were in effect in the calendar year) and a letter explaining that there was a gap in representation and the dates of the duration of the gap.

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